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Dear citizens of Chelyabinsk and guests! We are pleased to welcome you in hotel "Solnechny". Thank you for your trust and hope that your stay will be pleasant and comfortable.
Sincerely, the director of the hotel
Sarafina Natalia Vyacheslavovna
День туризма!
27 сентября - Всемирный день туризма и гостиница "Солнечная" поздравляет своих гостей с этим праздником, а также...

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Hotel in Chelyabinsk

гостиница в Челябинске

The hotel "Solnechnaya" is located in Chelyabinsk, in its forest urban area. Clean air, convenient location and mixed forest –not many hotels in Chelyabinsk can offer their customers such a combination.

The hotel "Solnechnaya" is positioned as a hotel in Chelyabinsk, which can provide guests with a set of services that can meet the needs of a guest for a small price. So we do not limit your own staying in our rooms (the number of rooms allows you to take up to 200 peopleat the same time and place them in the rooms of different categories). "Solnechnaya"is a hotel in Chelyabinsk, combining the quality country rest and the convenient proximity to the city. Do not forget that, in general, the hotels are located in quite dull cityscapes.

You can use our cafe, where you can have a delicious and satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner at a very inexpensive price. On the territory of the hotel a secure parking is located, where you can quite happily leave your car. In addition, you can use our hair salon, located on the ground floor.

It is worth noting that our hotel is located in Chelyabinsk, just a few steps away from the main city park, where you can find entertainment of your choice, either it is a leisurely walk or an amusement ride. For sports fans it will not be difficult to visit the sports complex, located within a 5 minute walk from the hotel.Прилегающая территория к гостиничному комплексу Солнечный

It will be very easy for the guests in Chelyabinsk to get to almost anywhere in the city, as our hotel in Chelyabinsk is located near one of the main linking roads in Chelyabinsk, Khudyakov Street, riding on which you can for 10-15 minutes get to the north-west of the city, or to any of the central parts of the city, for example the train station. Not all hotels in Chelyabinsk are so convenient in terms of easy movement around the city.

At the same time, being in the room, you will not be bothered by the noise of passing cars, as the territory of the complex is large enough, and the residential part of it is equidistant from the adjacent streets:Khudyakov Street and Forest and Park Street. You can agree that the opportunity to quietly spend time in a hotel room is one of the strong arguments in favor of "Solnechnaya".

Our hotel in Chelyabinsk is always ready to receive its guests.


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