"Solnechaya" hotel is the best hotel in Chelyabinsk in the category of "economy hotels".

Initially the hotel "Solnechnaya" was built as a medical dispensary for the residents of Chelyabinsk, where they could get quality and inexpensive vacation from everyday life, as well as some medical services. After forty years, it has become a hotel. However, during this time a lot has changed around.

When creating a hotel, we proceeded from the old principle namely, high-quality and inexpensive vacation and not only for the residents of Chelyabinsk, but primarily for the guests of our city. We deliberately kept the concept as a "budget hotel in Chelyabinsk" because it distinguishes our hotel from the majority of similar proposals.

The concept of "economy-class hotel" is quite reasonable in terms of the flow of visitors; it is in this category that we have decided to realize the vision of a hotel. Our guests can get the most important modern services, which are included in the price (with some exceptions). And at the same time we try to make the staying in our hotel of economy class in Chelyabinsk to be the most advantageous from the point of view of the "price-quality" ratio, so that our services in no way "will hit the pocket."

Realizing that the choice in terms of saving still implies comfort, we used one of our main advantages.

- The presence of a solid material base for comfort

- Regular capital and current repairs

- The ability to provide its guests with high-quality and low-cost food


- A convenient geographical location in terms of transport capacity

- The location of the hotel in the forest area of Chelyabinsk

- Availability of suitable and necessary services

All this can make your stay in the budget hotel "Solnechnaya" convenient and inexpensive, to which we make every effort.




Недорогая гостиница в Челябинске в сосновом бору.

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